ChangeNOW Summit 2022


Antje Von Dewitz



Dirigeants d’entreprise
Economie circulaire
Responsabilité des entreprises


Dr. Antje von Dewitz (born 18 September, 1972) is the managing director of VAUDE, an outdoor brand pioneering sustainability in Europe. The family run company, based in Tettnang, Germany, conceives innovative apparel and equipment for mountain, cycling and urban life. Antje has been transforming VAUDE into a completely sustainable company for 12 years now. She advocates tirelessly for ecological and social responsibility in the supply chain –not only at VAUDE, but also on a national and international level. She calls for companies to take on responsibility for people and the planet. After studying economics and cultural studies at the University of Passau, Antje began working at VAUDE as product manager and subsequently as the Head of company communications. Between 2002 and 2005, she earned her doctorate and worked at the Endowed Chair of Entrepreneurship at the University of Hohenheim. In 2005 she became Head of Marketing at VAUDE and in 2009, she took over the company management from her father, Albrecht von Dewitz, the founder of VAUDE. Antje supports the approach of the Economy for the Common Good (ECG), which measures entrepreneurial success not only in terms of financial profits but also in terms of contribution to the common good. As an ambassador for the ECG, she campaigns for businesses to reconsider their role in society.
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