ChangeNOW Summit 2022


Niels Vermeersch

Grand Duchy of Flandrensis

Grand Duke / Chairman

Global leaders


Niels Vermeersch is a Belgian micronationalist and the founder of the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis: the only country in the world that doesn’t want any humans on its territory. Flandrensis (official: vzw Groothertogdom Flandrensis) is an environmental non-profit organization that focuses on climate change and Antarctica. Flandrensis is committed to informing, raising awareness and mobilizing citizens about climate problems and encourages them to implement climate-friendly and sustainable measures in everyday life. To achieve this objective, Flandrensis uses the concept of a “micronation”. It means that the organization has the characteristics of a “state” (territory, national symbols, citizens, ministers, ambassadors, etc.), but which as such is not recognized under international law. On the basis of an interpretation of the Antarctic Treaty, Niels claimed in 2008 five Antarctic islands to raise awareness on ice melting. The concept of micronationalism is applied to draw attention to climate change in a creative way and has no purpose in gaining recognition as a country. In 2022 the micronation has more than 800 citizens worldwide. Niels is one of the first who introduced the concept of environmental micronationalism, using micronationalism to raise awareness for climate change. Due this unique concept Niels is frequently asked for interviews for academic papers and as a speaker he gave several presentations on micronational conferences.
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