ChangeNOW Summit 2022


William Aucant

Convention Citoyenne pour le Climat


Young leaders of change


I am a architect and an urban planner, elected Regional Councillor of the Pays de la Loir Region and former member of the Citizen's Climate Convention (Convention Citoyenne pour le Climat). From my experiences in Paris (fr), Rotterdam (nl) and Berlin (de), I have developed a practice of architecture, urban design and landscape architecture enriched by a European culture. After several years abroad and the expansion of the family, we have decided to settle and work in Nantes, a city full of promises in terms of its social and ecological development for decades to come. In 2019, I was drawn to participate in the Citizen's Climate Convention (Convention Citoyenne pour le Climat). I took part in the work of the "Housing" thematic group, particularly on issues of thermal renovation of buildings and limits to urban sprawl. I was vice-president of the association "les 150" when it was created and that id nowadays inactive. I continue to actively defend the work of the convention as a facilitator of housing-related issues and the 149 mesures from our report and an elected representative of my region. During this new experience of participatory democracy, I aspire to become one of the spokespersons for the climate and democratic issues. I have organized meetings called “clim’apero” to talk directly and locally about the climate and citizen assembly and I would like to continue to pass on my point of view and experiences on the subject till 2030.
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