ChangeNOW Summit 2022


Kat Bruce


Founder & Director



Kat is the founder of NatureMetrics, a UK-based biotechnology company that uses environmental DNA to generate contemporary, standardised biodiversity data at scale. Kat has a degree in Wildlife Biology and a PhD in Molecular Ecology. She pioneered the use of molecular methods for rapid biodiversity assessment during her PhD and founded NatureMetrics to put these tools into the hands of environmental practitioners. Today, NatureMetrics data is used by companies, NGOs and governments around the world to inform environmental decision-making, improve conservation outcomes, and quantify impacts / dependencies on nature, enabling a new era of transparency and accountability for human impacts on the nature. In 2021, NatureMetrics launched eBioAtlas in partnership with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). This programme will use eDNA to create a new global biodiversity data layer by putting simple water sampling kits in the hands of local stakeholders worldwide. Data will be used to feed into local engagement and conservation activities as well as providing solid foundations for delivering against goals set out in the UN’s new global biodiversity framework.
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