ChangeNOW Summit 2022


Alice Modolo


Freediver and Dentist

Inspirational speakers
Sport for Change


I was born to become a dentist as my parents. That's what I did but at 23 years old, freediving came into my life and changed my world. I worked as a dentist during 10 years while I competed as well as a freediver. Freediving is teaching me to be a better person so I dared to quit my job and trust my feelings. Since, I reached a World Record last year with a bifins dive to 95meters deep, I'm the first French woman to reach 100meters in monofin and the 8th in the world, I got 25 French national records. On top of that, freediving allowed me to perform as an artist like in the video clip of Beyonce "runnin" with 450millions of views. I'm an ambassador of PLANETE URGENCE, I was a volunteer for an environmental project in Amazonia with them. I'm very involved to make a change.
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