ChangeNOW Summit 2022


Wassila Louisa Djellal

Les infatigables

Founder & president

Young leaders of change
Inclusion & Education


Wassila has been deeply involved in equal opportunities for years. She has been an active member of the “Different Leaders” collective ( part of Article 1) since 2016. The goal of Different Leaders is to inspire and empower young people facing educational and economic challenges. They aspire to develop the ethical, responsible and inclusive leadership necessary for the translation of Article 1 of the Declaration of Human and Citizen's Rights in reality. With the Different Leaders, Wassila organised 2 main events during “The International day of equal Opportunity” in Saint Denis and Marseille gathering +500 students. She coordinated directly the 2021's International day of equal Opportunity in 13 countries including working with the French National Diversity Ministry With Different Leaders, she also lead a group of influence in order to help students deals with hide cost in business schools such as SIGEM Outside of her social engagement, Wassila worked for international digital consulting firms during 6 years. Last year she decided to create her own business called “Les Infatigables”, based in Station F. Les Infatigables's mission is to beat Loneliness in the Elderly by engaging senior people with fun & suitable activities. Les Infatigables has Been already as a positively impactful business by Life For Good who is backing the company.
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