ChangeNOW Summit 2022


Julie Davico-Pahin





Graduated from the Centre de Formation des Journalistes (CFJ) in 2015, she started a career as a journalist with Radio France and then Cnews. In the middle of the presidential campaign, she left her job to co-found Ombrea with Christian Davico, a horticulturist in Rousset (13). A drought in 2016 caused Christian Davico to lose 25% of his crop. Partnering with Julie Davico-Pahin, they launched Ombrea to fight against the destructive effect of extreme weather. Together, they developed and patented a crop protection system that creates an optimal microclimate for plant growth. Since then, the startup follows its growth, and now has a team of 40 employees. It has raised a fundraising of 10 million euros, in 2021. Very involved in promoting entrepreneurship, Julie is the President of the French Tech Aix-Marseille, and sits on the board of "La Ferme Digitale" (French Agritech Association).
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