ChangeNOW Summit 2022


Magda Danysz

Danysz Gallery


Inspirational speakers
Art for Change


Founder of the Danysz art galleries in Paris (since 1991), Shanghai (2009) and London (2019) as well as the Artcare and Artransfer startups (2021), Magda Danysz focuses on art, technology, and global change through culture. Throughout the years, she became an expert in street art, as well as digital art, contemporary photography, and Chinese contemporary art. Danysz’ commitment for art is far from limited to the walls of her galleries. She is curating public and private exhibitions, commissions, and projects around the world from Beijing to Singapore, via London or Luxembourg. In 2007, she was knighted Chevalier of Arts and Letters by the French Ministry of Culture. In 2010, she joined the Executive Committee of the Shanghai Biennale producing the Wrinkles of the City project by artist JR on the city scale. In 2021, Danysz co-founded Artransfer, a platform aiming at streamlining the secondary art market and Artcare, a company supporting cultural actors in the artistic production of NFT and web 3.0 contents. In 2022, she is curating exhibitions with institutions such as the city of Paris (1982-2022: 40 years of Street Art in Paris) or the Condition Publique art center in Roubaix (The representation and place of women in the public space). As a writer she has published books ranging from artists' monographs to critical essays about Art.
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