ChangeNOW Summit 2022


Christian Clot

Human Adaptation Institute

CEO, Explorer-Researcher



Christian has dedicated himself to exploration and scientific research for over twenty years. He has led expeditions in all types of terrain, from the sea to the mountains, forests to deserts, questioning the human capacity to adapt to changing conditions and crises. He has achieved several world firsts and led rescue teams following disasters. After conducting several study programs during crisis situations, in 2014 he created the Human Adaptation Institute, a multidisciplinary and integrative research institute to study in an innovative way human cognition and physiology in the face of change and new environmental situations, in real life situations. Very involved in the fight for the protection of biodiversity, he proposes to use experienced emotions and cognitive functions to raise awareness on these issues. Called upon by companies from CAC40 to SME, NG and ONG organizations to accompany them in their transformations, Christian proposes an innovative approach to leading teams through changes, based on his experience as a leader in extreme terrain as well as scientific research findings.
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