ChangeNOW Summit 2022

Sustainable IT: Tapping into low tech to understand impact

May 19, 2022 | 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM
Tech for change
Do you think emptying mail boxes have a strong impact on a company’s carbon footprint? Is it really impactful to shut down your internet terminal while you are asleep? How many devices do you keep in your drawers? 90% to 99% of the carbon footprint of an email is due to the manufacturing of the terminal and its energy consumption during the writing and reading of the email. When dealing with sustainable IT, the advises always focus on sobriety in digital uses, but most of the environmental impact of digital technology comes from the manufacture and use of digital equipment. The equipment itself should last at least 10 years for each individual and the software should work on an old or frugal device. In a digital world constantly moving, what’s at stake to limit the tech industry carbon footprint, while allowing technology to transmit knowledge, connect the most remote populations and innovate for climate action? During this workshop we will focus on the software part, chasing stereotypes about sustainable IT in order to effectively positively contribute to our world. Join us!


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