ChangeNOW Summit 2022



Créée il y a près de 90 ans, la MAIF a développé un modèle d'assurance mutualiste centré sur l’humain. Notre singularité se reflète depuis nos origines dans notre organisation et nos actions. MAIF is the 6th largest automobile insurer and the leading insurer in the association sector. It covers nearly 4 million members (property insurance, personal protection, health, assistance, savings, credit, etc.), with a turnover of 3.93 billion euros in 2021. Regularly praised for its customer relations, MAIF became a company with a mission in 2020, whose "raison d'être" is to pay sincere attention to others and to the world, and to place it at the heart of each of its commitments and actions.


Convinced that only sincere attention paid to others and to the world can guarantee a true common good, MAIF places this attention at the heart of each of its commitments and actions. Trough 5 social and environmental objectives, which place its members and employees at the heart of its activities, and aim to act for a society standing for solidarity and sustainability.