ChangeNOW Summit 2022


When the night falls onto the world, and landmarks disappear, it seems safer to anchor, but old sailors know how to navigate by the stars. To guide us into a fast-changing world, and through the ocean of solutions presented at ChangeNOW, Tobie Chevallier imagined 12 constellations, made of bamboo and light, that populate the night-blue sky of the Grand Palais Éphémère.“Navigating by the stars” is a new zodiac, a set of 12 contemporary myths written by Tobie Chevallier and Ronan de la Croix to make us dream and offer new narratives about 12 themes of ChangeNOW.  A graduate of ENSAAMA - Olivier de Serres in product design and Central Saint Martin's in industrial design, Tobie is a bamboo design prodigy. He pursues a search for sensitivity to life and circularity through his creations. He works with the Atelier Déambulons (Lyon), a 100% French bamboo specialist working in scenography as well as in contemporary art.



Two kings lived on either side of a deep valley. So deep that it was named "the bottomless valley". The kingdoms were said to have been founded by two enemy brothers. The first of the two kingdoms was seeing its mines become depleted. On the verge of bankruptcy, the envious king sent a spy to find the secret mine of his prosperous and happy neighbour. The spy crossed the only footbridge over the bottomless valley, which served as his kingdom's dumping site. He questioned a passer-by, who soon revealed that the coveted mine was none other than the bottomless pit where the neighbouring kingdom threw all its waste.

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The goddess of the wind had been blowing for millennia on the mills of a great city. But these beautiful mills were turning in the void. One day, as she was passing by, she was surprised that the humans of this region continued to burn stone oil to live and keep warm. Generously, she sacrificed her golden sceptre to connect all the mills to the city, which was freed from its dust and returned to its former glory and prosperity.  



At that time, a family in exile, driven out by drought and war, sought to settle. Three cities gave them shelter. The first one, made of stone, seemed robust and immutable. However, it was so cold in the winter that they continued on their way. The second, of steel and glass, shone brightly in the sunshine. But it was so hot in the summer that they had to move on again. The last one, of earth and wood, seemed chaotic at first glance but turned out to be in harmony with the world. It was a good place to live for generations to come.


One day, a plastic bottle found itself quite empty. Hearing about the largest source of water in the world, she wanted to drink from it. Despite the warnings of her peers, she leaned so close to the sea that a wave caught her by surprise. She discovered the sea bed with wonder, but was soon swallowed by a fish that died on the spot. Horrified by this misfortune and unable to apologise nor disappear, the little bottle broke into a thousand pieces and was condemned to haunt the abyssal currents forever.



A child walking in the woods became aware of the tiny lives bubbling under his feet. He dared not move for fear of trampling on this fascinating and precious multitude. Caught in the trap of his own consciousness, he accepted the trees' invitation, which, holding out their branches, helped him to pull himself up to the canopy and shuffle along it from branch to branch.



On a cold continent in the far north, a sock was very unhappy to have lost its soul mate. Going out to the open sea in search of the one, she was caught in a storm that left her exhausted and desperate on a hot, barren land. Before her bewildered eyes layed a frightful heap of abandoned socks with holes in them. In the face of so much suffering, the brave sock unraveled her stitch and sacrificed her own yarn to repair the other socks. When the last thread was sewn, all the socks clapped in recognition.



A lumberjack lived on the edge of a sacred forest. When his wife gave birth, he needed to expand his property. He requested an audience with the Assembly of Trees and Animals. After deliberation, he was granted one hectare. He cut the wood, built a larger workshop and sold the surplus. Seeing the wealth that this precious wood brought him, he cut more than agreed. The Assembly of Trees and Animals met to decide on the appropriate sentence. A cloud of dragonflies poured fertile earth on the workshop and all its tools. The lumberjack would not cut anything anymore. A deluge of seeds came after, followed by a shower of rain. This place is now called the Regenerated Hill.



Originally, people only had knives. They cut down trees, ploughed the land and killed animals for food. And so the world went on. One day, an Ogre arrived with his giant fork and settled down not far from humans. With his curious tool, he was busy grooming the trees and scratching the earth to grow food, which he gently brought to his mouth. Humans had just understood farm and fork.



When the oldest woman in the world passed away surrounded by her thousand descendants, her diary was finally opened and it contained the secret of her coveted longevity potion. The recipe page read: "Surround yourself with high-quality human relationships. A good dose of love for others and for oneself for the well-being of body and mind. Mix it all up within the heart of everyone."



For his 5 moons tournament battle, a knight armed with his spear prepares himself. He waits for his esquire to bring him his heavy armour. But the latter arrives with a bucket of sprouted oats and gives it to his horse. The astonished knight almost loses his temper, but his squire replies: "You cannot win a tournament at the expense of your horse. Its strength and speed will guarantee you a sure victory."



Long before our time, Men thought they knew everything. Their knowledge seemed infinite, so much so that their language was made up of assertions. But this illusion generated so many quarrels that it could not last any longer. Annoyed by the pretentiousness of humans, the gods sent to earth a young poet whose innocent and creative quill turned exclamation marks into question marks. Seduced, Men imitated his verses and put the world into questions. Thus curiosity and tolerance returned.



A whole people floated on the Great Ocean. They believed that heading West would bring good luck. For centuries, they had been sailing the seas from East to West, chasing the Sun. But the elements were dangerous and each year their fleet suffered more losses. As a violent storm darkened the sky ahead, one of the captains, young and brave, listened to his instincts and, observing the flight of a seabird, had the audacity to change course. Sailing with wind and tide on unknown roads, he managed to reach a forgotten land where he could take shelter for a while, or a very long time.