ChangeNOW Summit 2022


 What are the recommended navigators to access the platform ?

 For optimal navigation, we recommend using a computer, and the Chrome browser. Some browsers may take longer to display content.

 How do I register for Change NOW ?

 To register for the summit, you need to register at: Several tickets are offered, all of them give you access to the conferences, the General attendee pass, Startup pass, Investor passes and Digital Full Access give you access to the networking, where you can book online meetings with the participants.

 I can't remember my password ?

 If you forgot your password, a code will be sent to the email address used during your registration, it will allow you to reset your account.

 I cannot view a page ?

 Some content is reserved for Business Passes, so check your ticket to make sure you can access the different areas of Change NOW.

What types of tickets are available ? 

Business Pass

The Digital Full Pass: 
  •  Digital access: This pass gives you digital access to the program, to the live videos of the sessions and replays (stage program, live TV and some workshops), and to the exhibitors of the World Exhibition of Solutions as well as a digital access to the networking tools on the Swapcard platform. 

  • Physical access: You will not be allowed to attend the summit which will take place at the Grand Palais Éphémère in Paris.

The General Attendee full pass :

  • Digital access: you will have access to the program, to the live videos of the sessions and replays (stage program, live TV and some Workshops), to the exhibitor files of the summit, to the networking tools on the Swapcard platform.

  •  Physical access: You will have access in person to the whole event which will be held at the Grand Palais Ephémère in Paris and in particular to the areas: World Exhibition of Solutions, networking area, coffee shop, the Earth Village (outdoor).

The Start-up full pass, allows you to get the same access, networking tools and data as the General Attendee full pass (digital & physical), but with a preferential rate dedicated to Start-ups.

The Investor Full Pass,  gives you the same access, networking tools and data as the General Attendee full pass (digital & physical). However, as an Investor Pass, you will also have access to the dedicated "finance the change" program for investors, as well as the Solutions Dealflow: a catalog of solutions, enriched with figures and fundraising filters.

NGO & Academic Pass

The NGO  &  Academic pass allows you to get the same access, networking tools and data, as the General Attendee full pass (digital & physical), but with a preferential rate dedicated to NGOs and Academics.

The student 3 day pass, allows you to get access to the World Expo during the 3 days of the event (May 19th, 20th, 21st) as well as access to the video streams of the different stages of the ChangeNOW 2022 World Expo. However, you will not have access to the networking tools, nor to the business data of the different exhibitors and pitchers.
This preferential rate is only open to students. A valid student card id will be required at the entrance of the event.

 General Public Pass

The Digital Discovery Pass allows you to have digital access to the different video streams (Stage program & Live TV) and to the ChangeNOW 2022 World Expo online, but you will not have access to the networking tools, and you will not be allowed to attend the World Expo which will take place at the Grand Palais Ephémère.

The Saturday Pass allows you to have access to the event on Saturday May 21st only. Moreover, it gives you access to the video streams of the different stages (Live TV & Stage Program) during the whole World Expo 2022. As this is a General Public pass, you will not have access to networking tools or business data.

The Saturday Pass - Student, gives you the same access as the Saturday Pass but with a preferential rate for students.

The Saturday Pass - Child, gives you the same access as the Saturday Pass but with a preferential rate for children.  

What time zone is the event based on  ?

 The event starts at 9:00 am (CEST) - Thursday, May 19 and is based on Central European Summer Time (CEST).

 I have a payment problem. My credit card is not working.

 According to our partner, the purchase did not succeed because the 3D secure did not work. Your account has not been debited. The reasons can be the following: - Time limit exceeded. - Your browser has a problem, you can try with another one like Chrome or Firefox. If after several attempts, you still can't book your ticket, our team is here to help you, contact them at this address: 

On site

Can I buy an on-site ticket just for Thursday or Friday ?
Thursday and Friday are days reserved for professionals. These professional accesses will be valid for the entire duration of the show, however it is not possible to buy a ticket just for 1 day.

Can I bring my suitcase ?

In application with the Vigipirate Plan, no suitcases, travel bags and backpacks larger than an A3 sheet of paper are allowed inside the Grand Palais Ephémère. A locker will allow you to deposit your smaller belongings.

Will there be translations/ASL for the hearing impaired during on-site sessions ?

We will have a live subtitled translation system, directly accessible on your phone. Access codes will be posted in the conference rooms.

Can I bring my children ?

Yes, a whole program of workshops for children is planned on Saturday, to raise awareness among children from 5 years old. Moreover, the format of the event being itself very accessible (demonstrations of solutions, artistic experiments...) ChangeNOW is an event that awakens the senses of children. 

Where is the summit map ? 

 The map of our summit will be available on the event website the day before the summit. *

How to network on-site ?

ChangeNOW strongly encourages participants to come and network on site! To do so, we will provide you with a space dedicated to networking,  where you will be able to conduct your meetings planned in advance with our networking tool, Swapcard. Participants will also be able to meet the exhibitors directly at their booths. Moreover, individual access badges will be provided with a unique QR code, making the exchange of contact information more intuitive and fast.

Covid Measures :

As of March 14, 2022, the application of the vaccine pass is suspended in France and the various health protocols have been removed.
The general obligation to wear a mask has been lifted.
The French Ministry of Health has published a document with general sanitary recommendations applicable from March 14 2022 in order to prevent the transmission of SARS-CoV-
2 in the general population.ChangeNOW will take into account these recommendations.

Program / Content

Is there a translation for the videos ?

 A subtitled translation in English and French is available on the replays, a few hours after the conference. The language of the subtitle can be changed directly by clicking on the icon "settings", then "subtitles". 

 Do you have subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing ?

 The conferences are accessible with subtitles a few hours after the session.
How do I find the sessions in my personal agenda ?

 In your personal space on our website, you will find a tab called "My agenda". This space will allow you to easily find your agenda day by day. In addition, you can also export this agenda to your personal organization tool.

 I would like to attend the conference of a particular speaker, but I don't know the name of the conference ?

 All speakers are visible in the speakers tab: When you open a speaker's file, you will find all the sessions in which he/she is speaking. I no longer wish to attend a digital conference. In your personal space, accessible at the top right of the screen, you can find your personal agenda and delete the sessions that no longer interest you.

 I missed the session I wanted to attend, what can I do ?

 There is a replay that will be available on the site for 4 months after the event. The discovery pass allows you to access the replay.  

Discovery Pass

I would like to send a message to an exhibitor or a company, how can I contact them ?

Networking is reserved for Business Pass or NGO & Academic Pass ticket holders. To access it, go to your personal SwapCard space. You will be able to modify your networking profile, access the directory of participants and contact them to make an appointment online or on site.

Ticketing link: Link to networking platform:

I want to participate in the networking between participants, how can I proceed ?

The networking is reserved for holders of Business Pass or NGO and Academic Pass tickets.

Book your pass here:

An email will then be sent to you to create your networking space on our partner platform Swapcard.

Is there a rate for job seekers ?

There is a free digital pass to enjoy the online conferences: the "Digital Discovery Pass". This year, ChangeNOW will also make available free of charge a hundred passes, giving access to the World Expo.

To fill out the application form for one of these passes, go here: 

Business Pass and NGO / Academics

I can't login

If you have forgotten your login details, a forgotten password procedure will allow you to identify yourself and change your password.

I didn’t receive the email allowing me to access my Business Pass account.

You can contact: to get help with your connection. We are at your disposal from 8am to 7pm. Please check your spam email. Please specify your ticket in the subject line.

 Can I appear in the directory if I have taken a business pass ?

Yes, as a business pass participant you will automatically be part of the participants directory in the Swapcard application. On the other hand, if your company is not a partner of the event (pre-established contract with ChangeNOW) it will not be listed in the partner company directory.

 I have a Business Pass or NGO & Academic Pass but I can't access the networking tool.

The networking tool must be activated in the personal space. 
You must go to: my profile / my networking profile and check the box "I agree to participate in the networking tool”. 

I can't login ? 

If you have forgotten your login details, a forgotten password procedure will allow you to identify yourself and change your password. 

I have not received the email allowing me to access my Business Pass account ?

I can contact: []( to get help with my login from 8am to 7pm. Be sure to check your spam. Please specify your ticket in the subject line

Can I appear in the directory if I have taken a business pass ?

The directory lists the exhibiting companies, pitches and partners of the event, which have been applied for and selected in the months preceding the event. As a Business Pass or Investor Pass, you can be part of the recommendations of contacts to other BtoB participants, in their personal space > my networking contacts. To do so, you need to activate networking and fill in your profile, so that matchmaking can take place

How do I network on Change NOW ?

There are several ways to network on Change NOW.
1. You can meet live at the networking tables of World Expo innovators and some of our partners. You can access them either through their detail sheet, on "MEET US LIVE" or through the networking tab.
2. You can propose Business Meetings to the companies you are interested in, by going to their detailed sheet and selecting the time slot that suits you.
3. You can contact other participants through their contact recommendations. All networking features are available here: [](

 I want to contact a specific company.

In order to contact one of our exhibiting partners, you need to go to its detail page accessible from the directory: []( can :Propose a business meeting according to the available slots.Join a networking table (up to 10 participants).

I have a Business Pass but I can't access the networking ?

Networking must be activated in the personal space, go to: my profile / my networking profile And activate the "I participate in networking" checkbox.*

How do I join a networking table after a pitch ?

On the left side of the screen where the pitch is broadcasted, as soon as the end of the session approaches, the "interactivity" tab will suggest you to join a post-pitch networking table. You will then be able to choose one of the 5 networking tables proposed, corresponding to the 5 solutions presented.

How to contact another participant ?

It is possible to send a message to another participant from your personal space. To do so, you must have activated networking. In the "my networking contacts" tab, you will find recommendations according to your profile, as well as a search bar allowing you to find a participant and send him/her a contact request.

Networking with Swapcard 

How to access Swapcard ?

 Once you have purchased your ticket for the event, if you have accepted to participate in the networking platform, you are automatically registered on Swapcard. If this is your first time logging in: On the website or the mobile app available on IOS and Android, enter the email address you provided when you registered for the event. And you will receive an email to create your login. If you do not see this email in your mailbox please check your spam folder. Most of our emails are sent from  

If you already have an account: 

Access your account at Then enter the email you used to register for your event and your password. Click on the green arrow to login. If you forgot your password, click on "Send me a magic link" after entering your email. You will receive an email to reset your password (valid for 1 hour).

 How to edit your profile ?

To modify your profile information, you just have to click on the "Edit" or "Add" sections depending on the type of information you wish to modify. Here are some of the information you can modify on your profile:
  •   My Main Information
  •   About me (Biography)
  •   Social Media
  •   Contact Information
  •   Company 

How to make connections ?

On the event homepage, you can access the Community List (i.e. attendees, speakers, investors, partners, pitchers, startups, media, exhibitors, etc.). This will help you find visitors with whom you can make connections. Feel free to reach out to them through the app to chat, make video calls and set up meetings. Please note that only participants that wish to be visible will be in this list. If you see time slots appear on attendee profiles, it means the organizer has allowed meetings to be scheduled during the event. Request meetings with the attendees of your choice before all their slots are booked. You can also manage your availability from the "My Event" section of the application.  

How to use the Scanning Badge ?

1. Download the Swapcard application.
2. Open the application and press the green camera on the bottom right. Then scan the participant's badge. 
3. Discover his contact information.
 By scanning the QR code on an attendee's badge, you automatically add them to your contacts. This site allows you to chat, share contact information and add tags and notes to your contact. Your contact information is also shared with the other person. You can display our electronic badge to be scanned yourself.   

How do I request an appointment  ?

 Go to a person's profile via the list of participants, speakers, or a company profile and click on "Send a connection request". We encourage you to write a message before sending your connection request to introduce yourself and explain the reason for your request. A request with a message is 3 times more likely to be accepted. You will be able to find all the people you have been in contact with from the "My Contacts" tab under your profile picture, or from the "My Events" button in the "My Network" tab.  

1 Go to a person's profile - by going to the list of participants, speakers or sponsor profile. Then click on one of the proposed meeting slots.
2 If you want to see more slots, click on "See more slots". After, select a slot and the location of the meeting.
3 Write a message to the person you want to meet. Once you are done, click on the submit button.  

The different locations at ChangeNOW Summit 2022:

 Several locations will be available depending on the pass you purchased. All business passes holders will have access to the Networking Area which consists of 30 tables. If you want to have a meeting in this area, select one of these tables as well as the time slot in which the meeting will take place.

Impact and Media lounges:

 Guests with access to the Impact Lounge, can make appointment requests there. Media have access to the Press Room, where they are the only ones who can set up appointments.


 It is possible to make an appointment directly on the exhibitors' stand. To do so, you must go to the exhibitor's file by going to the exhibitors' list. Click on one of the proposed appointment slots. If you want to see more slots, click on “see more slots”. After selecting a slot, choose a meeting place and write them a message.. Once you have done this, click on the arrow at the top right to send your appointment request. You have done all the steps on Swapcard and are ready to meet the other participants? All you have to do is come to the ChangeNOW 2022 Summit and show up at the selected location at the meeting time. A helpdesk stand will be at your disposal at the entrance of the Networking Area, to answer your questions on the spot!

 For an online meeting:

  If you want to schedule an online meeting, select your calendar and choose "Video Conference" as the location. A few minutes before the meeting, go to "My Event" and select "My Meetings" or go directly to the profile of the participant you have a meeting with. Click on the three dots to the right of the meeting details to join the call. You can also join the video call from your email notification/reminder. Once you click the "Join Call" button, the video will begin.  

How to accept an appointment request:

 When you receive an appointment request, you have the option to accept or decline it. All requests received will appear in the "My Calendar" tab of the events platform, in the "My Appointments" section. When you click on the request, you can respond with these two options: Accept Refuse 

About us

Who is behind ChangeNOW ?

The team has 36 employees and the startup was founded by Santiago Lefebvre, Rose-May Lucotte and Kevin Tayebaly in 2017.In 2020, ChangeNOW partnered with Groupe Les Echos - Le Parisien to amplify its actions. What is ChangeNOW? ChangeNOW is a start-up that accelerates solutions for a more resilient and sustainable world by connecting people and ideas. From biodiversity loss to the climate crisis, the challenges we face are vast. But a fairer, more prosperous world is possible. Together, we can harness the power of innovation to shape a better future for the people and the planet. We believe that enterprise is a powerful engine for positive change. Collaboration between entrepreneurs, civil society, policy-makers and larger corporations can unlock opportunities and invest in the innovative solutions we need to transform our world. Many of these solutions already exist: by making the right connections, we can put them to work, scale them up and deliver their full potential. Every year, ChangeNOW organizes the world’s largest event for the planet, bringing together innovators, investors, and partners. Year-round, we champion the people and innovations that are leading change through our collaboration network, tailored training and events, and inspiring program of live talks.

How can I become a partner ?

There are many options to become a partner: ambassador, investor, ecosystem, company... Please contact us so we can schedule a call and see how we can help each other! To contact us about a partnership, please fill out this form:

What are the criteria for the solutions selected ?

1) A positive impact (on one or more of the UN's SDGs)
2) An innovative concept
3) A viable business model
4) The possibility of being scaled up.

The selection of 2022 solutions is closed!

How many countries are represented at ChangeNOW ?

More than 150 countries are represented.

Have you estimated your carbon footprint ?

ChangeNOW, in partnership with ClimateSeed, is supporting a project to reduce carbon emissions. Join us in preserving a biodiversity hotspot in the Peruvian Amazon that provides habitat for a variety of rare and endangered species. When you purchase your ticket for ChangeNOW, you have the option to donate an additional €1 or €2 to support the ClimateSeed project.

Your choice can make a difference. 

More informations

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