ChangeNOW Summit 2022


Because the dramatic loss of biodiversity is also a loss of beauty, Because many things and places around us were designed by a system that has reached its limits and is bound to change now, Because a deep, sustainable, social & ecological transition will have visible consequences on our world, We believe at ChangeNOW, that we are living an aesthetic transition, We believe that in a world filled with answers, we need more questions, This is why, ever since the beginning of ChangeNOW, a special place has always been tailored for artists, designers, art & culture professionals. This year, the Art for Change programme will reach its full expression at the Grand Palais Éphémère, with: 


« Navigating by the Stars » a flying art exhibition: a collection of 12 giant constellations made of bamboo and light, by the young bamboo prodigy designer  Tobie Chevallier.


These constellations will light up the sky of the Grand Palais, and the slowly rotating, almost surreal 7-meter planet Earth: "Gaïa" by Luke Jerram


ChangeNOW will also welcome a participatory installation by street artist Tim Zdey: "The Wall of Change", turning a blank canvas into a live giant wall painting as people commit to more sustainable behaviors. A participatory work created in partnership with LVMH. 


At the heart of the circular economy zone, “Météolithes” is a monumental work in anthropocite (a stone made of waste) by artist Caroline Desnoëttes who met the startup Néolithe at ChangeNOW 2020 and partnered to create the artwork, with the generous sponsorship of Tri-o Greenwishes.


The walls of the Grand Palais Ephémère will be covered with works by a selection of photographers and artists: mysterious surfaces by Arnaud Vareille, with photos from his exhibition “The Nature of Things”.  


A selection of illustrations by best-selling children’s books author Janina Rossiter, taken from “123, who’s cleaning the sea?”


The sun will be rising everyday during ChangeNOW thanks to a giant wall painting by street-artist Ojan, in partnership with The Caring Gallery and the Jane Goodall Institute.


In the Earth Village, we have the pleasure to welcome in their yurt, an immersive experimentation by ONYO: “The Tree of Light”, a 3D-sound collective ritual to reconnect with other species.  


In the Circular Economy Gallery, artist Johé Bruneau, ambassador for the Precious Plastic community, will show “Heritage”, one of his latest works, questioning the models inherited in balance with what we leave to the next generations. 

Curation: Ronan de la Croix & Clémence Ferry